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    Tru Catch Fat Cat Trap
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    Tru Catch Fat Cat Trap - Orange
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    Tru Catch Fat Cat Trap - Purple

Fat Cat 30FCD - Custom Color


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Product Details

*Free Shipping to the Lower 48 States!*

Want to stand out from other Organizations? Now you can with your own Custom Powder Coat Color. For a limited time, we are offering 5 Custom Colors: Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, and Purple.

*Minimum Order of 12 Traps*

Availability: In stock


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*Minimum Order of 12 Traps*

After many requests from customers, we decided to build an all-around trap that could handle even the chunkiest cats. The 30-Fat Cat will accommodate those cats that are simply too big for our 30-LTD trap. The Fat Cat allows the animal more room to move around while captive and is suitable for smaller cats as well.

  • The 30FCD retains the lightness and user-friendliness of the 30LTD, but is large enough to accomodate even the most rotund cats.
  • There is also room for a small litter box when the cat needs to be confined for a long period of time.
  • Quality built to last, no sticky hinges or springs
  • Rear door release
  • Unique patent door design, enables full length trap utilization
  • Positive-catch door lock a unique self-locking design
  • The trap employs variable trigger setting mechanism
  • Automatic door release activated when trap is placed in an upside-down position
  • Frame and Wire: 3/16" steel wire frame construction with 14 gauge 1/2" x 1" and 1" x 1" Wire Mesh
  • Powder coated for durability and long lasting performance
  • 5 year guarantee against animal damage
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Download Product Manual

Additional Information

Dimensions: Length: 30 Inches Width: 12 Inches Height: 14 Inches

Weight: 11.7 pounds

Recommended Animals: Large Cats, Feral Cats, Rabbits

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