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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Are there volume discounts available for organizations or bulk purchases?

A: Depending on the order volume and products desired, we may be able to quote a discount. We do not typically allow such transactions because we will not under-sell our dealers and distributors. Please contact us with your specific volume requirements.

2. Q: Are Tru Catch Traps made in America?

A: Yes. Every Tru Catch Trap is made by skilled craftsmen in Belle Fourche, South Dakota and have been for over 30 years.

3. Q: I have an older model trap with no rear release door. Are there any precautions I need to take when transporting the animal?

A: Yes. The older model traps required that the trap be overturned to release the animal. On any of our models, even the new ones, rotating the trap will cause the front door to open and the animal to be released. This can become an issue on a vehicle or when the trap is being handled. The best solution is to zip-tie the front door shut when transporting the animal to avoid accidental release.

4. Q: What separates Tru Catch Traps from other live traps?

A: Our unprecedented 5-year guarantee against animal damage, Ring-Door Design, and durable powder-coated finish. Tru Catch Traps are quiet, humane, and contain no dangerous springs or hinges.

5. Q: I have found other traps online that look like yours. Why is someone able to produce and sell similar traps that are cheaper?

A: The majority of other traps you will find are produced outside of the U.S. with lower-grade materials, no guarantee and no customer service presence.

"In 30 years of manufacturing for the animal control industry, our products have often been imitated at the cost of reliability and trust of customers. If we offered two similar traps - one with the Tru Catch stamp of approval and one with no phone number, warranty, customer service and unknown materials...which trap would you trust with the life of your pet?"

6. Q: Do I have to register with Tru Catch Traps to place an order?

A: No. Once you reach the "Checkout" page you have the option to register or "checkout as a guest". This option only requires your basic ordering information and will not be stored for future visits.