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      Tru-Catch demonstrates the proper use of the Model 30-LTD Trap to catch a stray cat. The cat was released immediately to its usual habitat, protecting a barn from mice and other pests. Normally this trap is used to capture feral or stray cats so they can be taken to the clinic for vaccinations and to spayed or neutered. Many organizations are dedicated to "T-N-R" or Trap-Neuter-Release, as an effective method of controlling feral cat populations.

      Here we take a closer look at the workings of the Model 30-LTD Tru-Catch Trap. We were fortunate to have a family of local barn cats who were willing enough to participate in our demonstration. These cats were not completely feral but still weary of people being around. This cat was also released right away. It should be noted that cats will react differently to being trapped. Some aren't as cooperative as these and precautions need to be taken, such as covering the trap before it is set.

      For those of you who are not familiar with Tru-Catch Traps, please take a moment to see who we are and what we are all about...humane animal traps. Since 1987 Tru-Catch has manufactured the most humane traps available, and all Tru-Catch products are made in America.

      Tru-Catch Traps are used by humane societies, animal control professionals, and animal enthusiasts around the country. Many organizations use this handy feature to mark their traps with a custom name plate or tag, to let people in the field know who the trap belongs to.

      The Model 30-LTD Trap is the most popular Tru-Catch product, as the increasing cat population in the U.S. is being addressed with TNR projects. However, traps take up a lot of space and to remedy this issue we created the 30-LTF Folding Trap. With the same dimensions and functionality as the 30-LTD, the folding version takes up 1/3 the space when collapsed into its easy-to-carry form. It takes only minutes to set up and provides the same reliable catch rate as any other Tru-Catch Trap.

      In this video we take a look at the added security of the Tru-Catch Door Clip. Many people mistakenly use the rear door handle as a carry handle and inadvertantly release the animal they just captured. The door clip is a bit of insurance to prevent the accidental release of an animals.

      With the ever-expanding field of animal care and control, we found that some animals needed to be contained in a trap for longer periods of time. The Tru-Catch Tray allows the animal to remain in the trap and catch any "accident" that may happen. It proves especially useful when the animal is being transported in a vehicle.

      The Tru-Catch TD-2 Trap Divider is designed to be pushed through the side of a small trap, to contain the animal to one side of the trap for vaccinations or to transfer the animal to a carrier.