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Donate a Trap Program: Operation Hood TNR Program

#communitycatsFXBG TNR
#communitycatsFXBG TNR
#communitycatsFXBG TNR
#communitycatsFXBG TNR
Operation Hood
#communitycatsFXBG TNR & Operation Hood
April 2, 2021 | Fredericksburg Va
#communitycatsFXBG TNR
Operation Hood is a volunteer based 501c3 non profit organization that focus' on TNR (trap-neuter-return) of community cats in the Fredericksburg, Va. area. The need to spay/neuter community cats is a large undertaking and having the proper equipment for volunteers to work with to safely trap and do aftercare recovery is important. We could use your help by donating a Fat Cat trap and a Divider Fork. You may be asking why the fat Cat Trap? Many of the individuals who request assistance with TNR are shown how to use the traps and also provide the aftercare for the cats who are TNR'd before releasing them back where they were trapped. The Fat Cat Trap is a larger trap than the traditional TruCatch trap. The Fat Cat trap can fit a small litter box and food and water bowls so a female cat who needs a few days after surgery to heal before being released can be cared for safely. Please consider supporting our "Donate A Trap Program" by donating a trap & divider fork to help us help more community cats. Thank you for your support! #communitycatsof FXBG
  1. 30FCD - Fat Cat Animal Trap 30FCD - Fat Cat Animal Trap
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    Fat Cat traps are good for trapping and provides a safe way to manage the after care of the cat before it is released back where it was trapped. The trap has space for a small litter box and a food and water bowl. Safety is a must and using these items makes the process less stressful for the cat and the caretaker!