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Size Guide


Squirrel Tuffy 24 30LTD 30D
Rabbit Tuffy 24 30LTD 30D 30FCD
Kitten Tuffy 24 30LTD
Cat 30LTD 30D 30FCD
Fat Cat 30FCD 36D
Armadillo R24 30D 36D
Skunk R24 30D 36D
Raccoon 30D 36D
Fox 30D 36D 42D
Small Dog 36D 42D
Bobcat 42D 48S 48D 48F
Medium Dog 42D 48S 48D 48F
Coyote 42D 48S 48D 48F
Large Dog 48D 48F 60D
Extra Large Dog 60D 72D
Mountain Lion 60D 72D

Bird Traps

Bird B26D
Bird B26D 36RD
Chicken 36RD 42RD
Rooster 42RD


Rabbit T18E T18TE RC24 FCRC
Cat T18E T18TE RC18 FCRC
Fat Cat T24TE RC24 FCRC
Medium Dog T42E